Renova Renewable Energy

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    Welcome to the Official Web site of Re-Nova Wind Energy leader company, focussed into wind Energy.


    Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale di Re-Nova Wind Energy azienda leader, specializzata nel settore delle energie rinnovabili.

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About Renova

RENOVA is a leading company in the renewable energy sector. It plays a very important role in cooperation with different multinational companies operating in the renewable energy sector, like VESTAS, an important company focusing on wind energy. Renova has a technical staff who covers a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines: civil, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Renova takes care of its customers, analysing their situation according to highly scientific fundamentals through the most sophisticated softwares like WIND PRO.

Energy Challange

Humanity is facing a global challenge: because of the increasing demand for energy, climate is under threat. This is the reason why the world needs to focus on its future energy. Wind is the most competitive source of energy, either from the economic or from the environmental point of view. That explains why wind will have a pivotal role in the future energy market.

What do we mean by "Future Energy"

Wind energy is clean, indipendent, fast and easy to use. Its price is predictable and stable. In other terms, wind energy is what our planet needs to survive. This is the reason why we talk about "future energy".


Ultime NEWS

Renova cerca e smonta su commissione turbine eoliche
usate con una commissione del 15%.
Ci occupiamo del trasporto in italia.

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